About Us

Offering Accessibility to Those with Disabilities

The AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center is a research and service center committed to promoting technological innovation and developing effective human-centered products and services for individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to improve the human condition through equal access to technology-based and research-driven information, services, and products for individuals with disabilities and to organizations.

Currently, our research primarily focuses on students with disabilities, who are a significant and underrepresented segment of the higher education population that span age, gender, ethnic, racial, cultural, and economic boundaries. AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center also studies how corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations, who employ and have customers with disabilities, address information and communication technology (ICT) and assistive technologies throughout their organization.

The current opportunities in accessibility research is enormous and AMAC has great potential to make a difference. AMAC team represents highly motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds which leads intense knowledge sharing and building.

We cultivate an intellectually stimulating environment for the AMAC team and encourage interaction and collaboration through various research projects. Scholarship is rewarded at AMAC and consultation and training for units engaging in research is provided.

Initiating accessibility projects for the Georgia Tech community is one of our priorities and we collaborate with various Georgia Tech offices and research centers toward this aim. In order to make strenuous efforts toward our goals, we will continue collaborating, outreaching, and transforming.

In conjunction with the University System of Georgia, AMAC’s research-driven services are provided through amacusg.org. Through amacusg.org, universities are able to place orders, log in to the student accommodation manager tool and give their students direct access to software and textbooks through the Student Download Center.

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