AMAC Accessibility Services

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We Offer Member and Fee-Based Services

In conjunction with the University System of Georgia, AMAC’s research-driven services are provided through Through AMAC USG, universities are able to place orders, log in to the student accommodation manager tool, and give their students direct access to software and textbooks through the Student Download Center.

AMAC services are offered to members around the globe through our fee-for-service membership model. When you become an AMAC member, you have access to the tools you need to accommodate your students, customers, and employees with disabilities as well as address workplace accessibility and compliance concerns. We offer three membership levels, each designed to maximize money for accessibility to ensure individuals with disabilities are served with quality products in a timely manner.

Basic Membership: $0

The Basic Membership is designed to offer our products at competitive, fee-for-service rates. This membership is recommended for institutions that have occasional requests for media, and do not require assistive technology. There is no annual fee, as institutions are billed monthly for media orders.

Deluxe Membership: $1,500

The Deluxe Membership is designed for institutions that have ongoing requests for alternative media and assistive technology. An annual fee of $1,500 provides access to a variety of assistive technology solutions, training, and technical support (among others benefits). Deluxe members are billed monthly for alternative media orders. This membership level also receives discounts on most AMAC services for even more cost savings.

CGN Membership: $0

The CGN Membership is designed to offer our products at competitive, fee-for-service rates. This membership is recommended for corporations, government, or nonprofit offices that require products to accommodate individuals with print related disabilities. There is no annual fee, as companies are billed monthly for media orders.

Services Include:

Accessible Material Production
AMAC’s production team converts content into many accessible formats. E-text, Braille, and Captioning & Described Media formats are available.
Accessible Textbook Library
Thousands of textbook titles are available; already produced in multiple accessible formats and ready for re-use.
AccessText Network
90 percent of all postsecondary textbook titles are provided.
Accessibility Technical Assistance
AMAC offers technical assistance on organizational accessibility strategies including product development, support, marketing, and legal.
Accessibility Training
AMAC provides a variety of accessibility training for corporate, government, and nonprofit entities. Training includes disability awareness, digital content accessibility, electronic information accessibility, workplace and educational accommodations, and universal design for learning.
Assistive Technology
AMAC offers a variety of assistive technology to support access to content and academic success. The majority of software can be downloaded through the Student Download Center or is available from our Assistive Technology Project, Tools for Life, where we can match the appropriate technology to your needs.
Student Accommodation Manager (SAM)
A tool designed by Disability Service Offices for Disability Service Providers. SAM is a convenient web-based tracking and reporting disability service tool, which manages student data, case notes, accommodation letters, and much more.
Student Download Center
Student access to a secure, individualized textbook and assistive technology download center.
Quality Assurance
AMAC provides content quality assurance. The QA process involves integrating assistive technologies throughout the accessibility validation process and is performed by users with disabilities who are expert assistive technology users.