ICT Accessibility Course

AMAC staff prepare for accessibility course.

Available Spring 2017

This course provides an introductory level of the universal design of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focusing on the global framework of corporate, government, and nonprofit offices and how they are addressing universal design in their policies, practices, products, and services.

This course looks at the issues of usability and accessibility that are at the core of next-generation web technologies. As the world becomes more technology driven, organizations of all sizes and sectors touch ICT accessibility, whether through web design, document creation, or multimedia utilization.

In the context of web design, “usability” and “accessibility” are in reference to the principles of universal ICT design.

The instructor is an expert in the innovation of new models and techniques that support the integration of ICT Accessibility in corporate, government, and nonprofit entities. Through proper design, modern web content can be created that can be accessed and used by everyone, but the techniques are not widely known. This course will address those deficiencies through developing awareness of disability issues, online universal design concepts, and the legal framework that accessible web design is based.